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Welcome to Jannick’s Mixology Haven!

Step into the extraordinary world of Jannick, a seasoned bartender with 20 years of crafting liquid magic. Embark on a journey through his unparalleled drink collection, where each sip tells a story and every flavor is a masterpiece. Join us in savoring the artistry of mixology as Jannick opens the doors to his passion, inviting you to experience the symphony of tastes that only two decades behind the bar can create.

Cheers to discovering the extraordinary in every pour!

The home of Downtown Abbey

Introducing the Downtown Abbey, a timeless masterpiece born at Balthazar, the Champagne bar of Copenhagen’s iconic Hotel d’Angleterre in 2012. Crafted by the renowned mixologist Jannick, this cocktail has become our unrivaled bestseller, captivating the palates of patrons worldwide.

Step into a world where every sip is a celebration of perfection. Cheers to the Downtown Abbey – an experience that transcends time and defines the pinnacle of my mixology.

My Drinks

  • Downtown Abbey

    Introducing the Downtown Abbey, a timeless masterpiece born from the creative depths of Balthazar, the prestigious Champagne bar nestled [...]

Who is Jannick?

Bartender, father, husband, business owner.

Jannick has been in love with hospitality his whole life, finding his path in drinks-making.

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